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Mustard and Assorted Goodness

What Makes Our Products Different? (part 3)

Posted on by zach

#3: Quality of ingredients.

We source amazing ingredients.

Mustard Seeds: Our ORGANIC MUSTARD SEEDS come from Saskatchewan, Canada, one of the largest mustard growing regions in the world. We’ve tasted dozens of samples of mustard seeds and we can for certain tell you these seeds are superior.

Vinegars: Our vinegars are impeccable. Our CHAMPAGNE VINEGAR, used in our Champagne Garlic Mustard, comes from Sonoma, California, a region long known for it’s wine making. Vinegar is made by re-fermenting alcohol (like when an old bottle of wine starts to turn). In this case, wine is made from the same grapes champagne is made from and then turned into a wonderful vinegar. We kindly refer to this vinegar as “liquid gold” in reference to its color, superior flavor, and price.

The vinegar we use in the Hong Kong Habanero Mustard is CANE VINEGAR (also known as Sukang-Maasim), a staple in Filipino cooking. It has a much milder flavor and produces a subtle background to the upfront heat of the Hong Kong Habanero Mustard. Many commercial mustards use distilled vinegar. I don’t know the last time you took a whiff of distilled vinegar, but it is not very pleasing. Though distilled vinegar does not have a very nice flavor, it’s great for washing your windows. That’s what I use it for, which I learned from my Grandma Katy.

Salt: No iodized salt here. We use sea salt. Yes, it is more expensive, but again we don’t see the need to add crap to our mustards. The idea of “organic salt” is a bit of misnomer, as salt is a mineral, therefore completely inorganic. However, other countries have rating systems for naturally and traditionally produced salts.

Sugar: We use certified organic cane sugar, grown in the USA. There is a lot of shit talk on sugar these days, much of it warranted. But it is not sugar itself that is inherently bad for us; it is our mass consumption of the delicious stuff that causes problems. Thankfully, mustard is generally used in small quantities. And since our mustards are so flavorful not as much is needed.

Other spices: We like to use certified organic spices, but it is not a requirement. FLAVOR is the most important factor for us. FOOD SHOULD TASTE GOOD. We could make food from the most sustainable, organic, grass-fed, free-range, pastured, non-GMO ingredients, but if it tastes like crap, then 1) we don’t want to present that as our product, and 2) no one is going to want to eat it anyways.

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