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What Makes Our Mustards Different?

Posted on by zach

A couple weeks ago on the plane I got to talking with my seat mate. When I told this person what I did for a living, the two inevitable questions came out: “Why mustard?” and “What makes your mustard different?” We always get asked these questions and I always have an answer, but I wanted to think more in depth about it. Really, what does make us different? So once we took off, I wrote out a couple pages of how we are different. To spare you the length, I’ll post it in pieces over the next couple of weeks. Your comments and thoughts are always appreciated!

#1: We make mustard.

Many mustards on the shelf buy already prepared mustard and mix in other ingredients – the ingredient list will read something like this: Ingredients: mustard (distilled vinegar, water, mustard seed, salt, tumeric), garlic, spices. That first ingredient, mustard, with the parenthesis after it means they are buying prepared mustard and those are the ingredients in the prepared mustard. Essentially there is a company who makes a few different types of mustard (yellow, dijon, etc) in huge quantities and then many brands purchase that mustard as a base and add stuff to it. Instead of doing this, we have sourced the BEST QUALITY MUSTARD SEED we could find. We grind it ourselves, which allows us to capture the pureset and freshest mustard flavor and retain it for as long as possible.


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2 Responses to What Makes Our Mustards Different?

  1. zach says:

    Well said Rob. It’s true that from the customer’s standpoint this may not be a top priority, but from ours it is. We do use the best quality ingredients (which will be included in a subsequent post), but in defining what makes our mustards different, I feel that the fact that we actually MAKE mustard sets us apart from a large number of mustards on the shelf.

  2. Rob Humbracht says:

    Yes, but why does this matter to the consumer? Why is creating mustard with pre-created mustard not as good as creating it from scratch.

    Seems to me that reason number 1 should capture something more essential about what you guys do.

    If what you want to say is, “we use the best quality ingredients,” then that makes more sense for why I should a) care about your mustard and b) your mustard is better than the others.

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