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What do YOU do?

Posted on by zach

I used to dread having to answer this question. Too often this is the default question people ask when put in a social situation with folks they don’t know. I dreaded it because it usually led to a forced, awkward conversation, and sometimes because I wasn’t super proud of my employment (“I’m on the clean-up crew at the dog park”, “I’m, uh, not working right now”). But now I LOVE to answer this question!

“So, what do you do?”

“I own a mustard company.”

Without hesitation, the next response always is, “I’m sorry, did you say mustard?”

Seriously, I love it! How many people do you know who own a mustard company? Last night I attended a workshop run by Aaron Keith, business coach and owner of Ascension, and when he asked me – in front of the entire room – what kind of business I own, I was never more excited to answer this question. I like to think that the smiles on people’s faces when I tell them that I own a gourmet mustard company are due to my dashing good looks, but the smiles don’t usually appear until after I have reaffirmed that they did indeed hear correctly. I once read that your explanation for what you do should be elevator-able: able to be explained and catch someone’s interest in the 30 secs you share an elevator with him or her. Ours takes 3 secs. What does that make it? Stop sign-able? (“GO AHEAD, YOU GO FIRST. BY THE WAY, WHAT DO YOU DO?” – my imaginary conversation at a stop sign…)

It’s the most proud title I’ve had the honor to hold (though, “general manager of chocolate company” was a good one).

So, what do YOU do?

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