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The coolest job in the world

Posted on by zach

Part of my (new) job as a roving mustard salesman requires me to visit the most amazing shops. This past Wednesday I roved North County (for those of you outside of SD, that’s how we refer to areas north of La Jolla – or for me north of I-8) making sales calls. The first place I visited was Tip Top Meats. This place has been there for over 40 years, though until this week I had yet to step foot inside. It’s part market, part deli, part full service restaurant, and part whole-animal butcher shop (there are not many of these left – most butcher shops get cuts of meat wrapped in plastic. Another amazing whole-animal butcher shop in LA is Lindy & Grundy.) There’s no mistaking that this place is German. LOTS of imported goodies, including a huge selection of German NA beer, a lot of which is actually quite good. They make all their own sausages, smoke all their meats, and don’t waste a thing.

Another place I visited was Baker & Olive. They have dozens of fustis (those stainless steel containers that hold the olive oil – realized I should have taken photos…) throughout the store holding amazing olive oils and vinegars. I had a lovely conversation with Marion, the owner. Interestingly, she and her husband are also wine makers. I’m excited to pick up a bottle at The Wine Loft, another North County establishment that I visited.

The coolest part is that, whether or not the folks become retailers of The Mustard, these are all shops I will visit again and shop in myself.



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