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SoNo is no more.

Posted on by zach

Well, not exactly. But I do have some unexpected news to report:

I never thought I would be saying this, but, James has left in a coup and started his own company – a KETCHUP company – GoHi Trading Company. Apparently after 15 months of mustard he had enough. “I’m through with this godforsaken yellow stuff!” he huffed with arms akimbo right before he stormed out of the office, er, garage, taking with him our farmers market tent, a whisk, and half (it looked like more than half to me, but whatever…) of our remaining stock of cranberries from the cranberry mustard we made this past fall.

Apparently, James has been secretly testing ketchup recipes for some time now, and you will soon be seeing him in our old spot at the Little Italy and Hillcrest farmers markets selling his wares. As for the name, I guess he always felt slighted by our name SoNo (South/North Park) since that’s where I live, and he actually lives in Golden Hill.

What does this mean for the future of SoNo? Well, having full control of the reigns, I’m now afforded the opportunity to fully develop the arm of the business I’ve been dreaming about: The SoNo Bobsled Team! Tryouts are THIS Saturday, from 4-6am at the top of Pershing Drive. There’s no time to waste!!



PS. I’m adding this post script to make sure that everyone reading realizes this was an april fools’ joke. James has not started a competing ketchup company, though we’re still pushing forward full steam ahead with the bobsled team.

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