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Solutions Not Problems

Posted on by zach

I went to a seminar the other day hosted by a fellow named Aaron Keith. I’ve attended one other of his seminars before, and both times I have come away with a very positive outlook on my business. That’t not to say I didn’t have a positive outlook before walking in, but the seminar definitely boosted that viewpoint.

Aaron is a business coach. He holds these (very affordable – $35) seminars once a month on a range of topics, from goal setting to marketing to finding balance in your work and life. They are intended for business owners, and much of the time is spent working in small groups discussing the topics and specifics to each of our businesses.

After the first session I attended I described to Aaron the brick wall we ran into with our original mustard seed supplier, and the solutions I was attempting to find. And when I saw him this week he asked about it, and I regaled him with the new brick walls we’ve since run into regarding our original production facility and now another supplier. He shook his head and laughed and said, “But you still have a smile your face.” And sure enough, I was grinning ear to ear.

All of these issues that come up, though they may be unique in themselves, every business is confronted with major issues, often at the most inconvenient times. It’s just part of doing business. And that’s why many people don’t own their own businesses, because it can be an emotional roller coaster that some people, understandably, don’t want to deal with. But for me, and for James, we get off on this stuff. It excites us. These challenges push us to find new, creative solutions, to make new connections and ask the questions that we might be afraid to ask. If we spent the time focusing on the problem we would never get anywhere.

We even laugh at our “problems”. We may struggle to find the proper mustard seed, but we don’t struggle to put food on the table. Our business has the possibility of going under if we things don’t work out, but our domiciles have not been destroyed by tornadoes. We may run into problems that don’t seem like they have a solution, but we’re still doing all right.



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