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Purveyors of The Mustard

Whole Grain Mustard

Full of texture, this mustard has German flair to it. We went through extensive beer tasting before settling on using Stone Brewing Company's Smoked Porter, one of our favorite beers. We work tirelessly here at SoNo Trading Company to ensure a quality product.


Sorry! We are currently out of this mustard. Give us a call or email and we will let you know when it is expected to be in stock.

Uses: Rub a pork roast with this before you slow cook it. Pile some on a cheese board and serve with a selection of yummy cheeses, charcuterie, and pickled vegetables.
Ingredients: ORGANIC mustard seed, Stone Smoked Porter (barley, hops, water, yeast), malt vinegar, water, ORGANIC garlic, sea salt, ORGANIC cloves, ORGANIC star anise
Jar size:
6 fluid oz

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Zach and James

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