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No additives, no kidding

Posted on by zach

Wow – I just realized it’s been over a month since I’ve written – my bad yo (not that anyone reads this). I guess that means I’ve been busy selling mustard, right? In fact that is what’s been happening, and we are now in 16 stores in SD and LA, plus one restaurant (Solace and the Moonlight Lounge in Encinitas). Though that hasn’t come without some negative responses. Once you start to put yourself out there, people will definitely tell you what they think.

The feedback – both positive and negative – has been good to get, especially from food professionals. And for the most part, everything has been communicated in an extremely tactful and generous manner. To be completely honest, it definitely hurts a little when I hear negative comments about my mustard as I am (obviously) emotionally invested in this. But I am also aware enough that a) everyone has his or her opinion, and b) our products are not for everyone.

One piece of feedback we got was about the color of the Champagne Garlic Mustard. It’s not yellow. The professional who commented on this suggested we add citric acid to our mustard to preserve the color. However, we keep our products additive free. Much of the food manufacturing world uses ingredients such as citric acid, xanthum gum, as well as other unnatural ingredients to help preserve and/or influence texture. But again, we have no interest in using such ingredients. Our philosophy is to have a product that you could conceivably make in your kitchen, that is, if your kitchen is stocked with the highest quality ingredients.


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One Response to No additives, no kidding

  1. Rob Humbracht says:

    Champagne’s not really yellow, either, nor is garlic. If I’m a consumer expecting plain mustard from the grocery store, then yes, I would be expecting yellow mustard. But if it’s called “champagne garlic,” then no, I’m not.

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