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My Barry Sanders Moment

Posted on by zach

A couple years ago my good friend Joe made a commitment not to drink alcohol for 1 year. I sat with him and in fact wrote out a contract – which he signed – when he made this decision. When his year was coming to an end, he asked me what I would do if I were him to signify this momentous occasion. Would I go out and do shots at the bar? What about drinking an expensive bottle of wine? Maybe a glass of fine scotch in the comfort of my own home? Instead of recommending a specific celebration, I asked him if he remembered what Barry Sanders did when he scored a touchdown. DO YOU REMEMBER? I’ll never forget.

He’d run to the referee and hand him the ball. Nothing more. He acted like he had been there before. He acted like would be there again. A true professional.

So what was my Barry Sanders moment? This week we received our first order from Wholefoods – a seminal moment indeed. Getting our mustards into Wholefoods not only gives us more credibility but also has potential to bring in significant revenue, both quite amazing opportunities.

So this morning I drove up to La Jolla and made our first ever delivery to a Wholefoods Market. Shortly after I talked to Joe. He asked me how I felt, if I had been super excited. I said, “Do you remember what I asked you when you were finishing up your year of sobriety?” He responded, “Barry Sanders. I love it.”

I walked in, dropped off the cases of mustard, said thank you and walked out. I acted like I had been there before. I acted like I would be there again.


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One Response to My Barry Sanders Moment

  1. Chassie says:

    This is awesome Zach! We are thrilled to have you on the shelves :)

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