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Mustard and Assorted Goodness

Mustard Party!

Posted on by zach

What’s a Mustard Party? I’m still trying to figure that one out, but regardless we had a blast! We celebrated our kickstarter campaign at The Station Tavern last Friday night. Thanks so much to Sam and the rest of the crew there who made the night a great success! We had mustard on all the tables and people had options to order the mustard right on their burgers. This could be the beginning to a wonderful relationship. I definitely enjoyed talking up everyone and letting them know that, whether or not they knew it, they were at a mustard party.  And people seemed stoked to get to try the mustard. Plus, one person even recognized me from the previous night’s interview on the news!

Also, I still cannot express how thankful and grateful we are to all our amazing and wonderful friends who keep showing their support for us. To everyone who showed up, to everyone who was there in spirit, and to everyone who has told us that he or she is inspired by what we’re doing, THANK YOU!

Now it’s time for SINGING HORSES!

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