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Cool Mustard stuff

Posted on by zach

I found this bottle in a thrift shop in Phoenix a couple of weeks ago and had to have it, for obvious reasons. I just love this guy’s enthusiasm! For conversation’s sake, let’s call him “Barry”. Barry is eating his big ol’ plate of what-looks-to-be mashed potatoes with his right hand and has his squeeze bottle of mustard ready in his left hand to mustard each bite (I imagine each of our customers eating this way with The Mustard). He even has on a full apron just in case he mis-squirts. Barry looks hungry too; he’s leaning into those squashed spuds with intent, one might even say aggression. And that expression on his face? I’m going with¬†maniacal, but I’ll also accept deranged, murderous¬†or bat-shit crazy. In any case, Barry likes his mustard. And so do we. And we hope you do too.

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