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Beer drinking vs. Goal setting

Posted on by zach

This is truly an unfair battle. Goal setting is an uncertain, esoteric, and often anxiety inducing task, while beer drinking is a very defined, goal oriented and relaxing project, if you will. Yesterday I charged myself with the intention to sit down every day for the next two weeks to write out my goals – life, business, you name it. Spend everyday editing, changing, shifting those goals so at the end of two weeks I will have honed my general and possibly superficial goals down to more specific and deeper meaning goals.

On Friday, since it was so nice out, I planned to go to the park and sit there for an hour writing out these goals. But instead I started to fill in my time with other, more menial tasks in a passive avoidance of this goal setting session. Was it fear of the uncertainty that stopped me? Very possibly.

After finishing said tasks I had the opportunity to engage in my goal setting venture. But, and this is a big, ghetto-style ‘but’, our new office is right next to a the newly located Mission Brewery. I happened to be leaving the office and thought, “Boy, this would be a good time to stop by and meet our new neighbors.” A tasting flight + one beer later, I had exhausted my time window to go set those goals as I had to meet some friends for dinner. Beer drinking wins again.

What is it that keeps me from spending the time to set goals? (besides beer) It’s a very¬†subconscious thing, but I have become quite the master at this. Let’s see how this week goes…

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