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Artisanal LA with a Vengeance

Posted on by zach

The third installment of the wonderfully produced events known as Artisanal LA was another great success! We sold everything we brought, less 15 jars. We even had a number of Angeleno fans show up to restock with mustard!

It had been a while since James and I stood behind a table and sold mustard (since stopping the farmers markets in December), but as soon as we stepped behind the table it all came right back – just like riding a bike or juggling. We were also fortunate to have our good friend (and local) Sasha work the booth with us. He has become a mainstay in our Artisanal show arsenal, selling the crap out of our mustards and being an all around supportive friend (on a side note, he started an amazing online art marketplace called Socurio – check it out if you are into art).

It was also lovely to see some of our friends selling their wares, including:

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