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Artisanal LA, take 4

Posted on by zach

This past Sunday we participated in yet another of the well attended Artisanal LA food shows in Los Angeles. This one took place at the Pasadena Armory Center for the Arts. We sold quite a bit of mustard (including selling out of the Champagne Garlic!) and talked to some very cool folks. But hands down my favorite part of doing these shows is reconnecting/connection with all our incredible friends and fellow vendors.

I love seeing Rashida (Cast Iron Gourmet), JD and John (All Spice Cafe), Joseph (Institute of Domestic Technology) and all the other wonderful folks. Rashida even cooked us an unexpected and delicious dinner Saturday night! You must believe me when I tell you these people are awesome. We were also lucky enough to be set up next to Nichole and her heavenly chocolates (Nicobella) and the super amazing Jessica (SQIRL jams and preserves). Every time we do these shows, after we’re set up but before the doors open, I always leave the booth saying to James, “I’m gonna go make some friends.”

The spoils of this line of work could be worse. We were set up between a chocolate vendor and a bacon vendor. For serious. And then I end up coming home with this bounty of artisan food.

This is a strong artisan food community, and we’re honored to be a part of it.

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