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All Green Lights

Posted on by zach

I drove to my friend’s house the other day, and as I approached every intersection the light magically turned green – I didn’t have to stop once. It seemed appropriate as it feels like many pieces of our business are falling into place right now: Our Kickstarter project completed (raising over $15,000!), we’ve found (and ordered!) a supply of amazing brown mustard seed, and we have four wholesale clients!

Previously, I wrote about brick walls – the barriers that pop up and challenge your desire and passion for what you are trying to accomplish, forcing you to find creative workarounds to get where you want to go. And all that’s good – it challenges you, strengthens you, pushes you. But man, there’s nothing like when everything works out!(You always plan it this way, right?) It reminds me of being a kid, when I would just go about my business – playing the mud, running through the woods, swimming in the lake – and I didn’t worry about whether things would “work out”. They just did. And over these past 6 months as we’ve set up our wholesale business, I’ve recognized that the ebb and flow of challenges and successes is just how business goes. And I could get REALLY EXCITED when things work out, and I could get REALLY UPSET when they do not, but instead I just enjoy them for what they are, knowing that, either way, they will soon change.

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2 Responses to All Green Lights

  1. Whether things work out is out of your control. It’s just about doing things the right way, the best way you know how. Zach, you’ve always been a big believer in exceeding expectations and forming genuine relationships. If you keep doing that, something good will happen.

    I’m so excited for your success, and that’s amazing to have four stores already on board. Taking the country by storm, one bottle of mustard at a time!

  2. Jess says:

    all systems a go!! Congrats and keep the momentum!

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