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Mustard and Assorted Goodness


Posted on by zach

Holy moly, has this been exciting or what?! We reached 110% of our funding goal on Kickstarter in less than 5 days. The backing, so far mostly from family and friends (though with a few serious mustard fans in there too!), has been out of control. Both of us are completely floored with the outpouring of support. And when I noticed that we reached exactly $4400 (or 110%), I couldn’t help but think of the somewhat hackneyed cliché of “Giving 110%”.

Though there are times when things run smoothly without any major hiccups, it’s when the preverbal shit hits the fan that requires the extra effort. And over the past four months we have definitely run into a few major “pain points” (some of which I chronicled here) which required an extra push to get through.

But even more importantly is the extra push that, through Kickstarter and with the support of such wonderful and amazing folks, is launching our wholesale mustard business. Thing is, it’s not that we couldn’t have done it a different way- if kickstarter had not reached the funding goal, we would have had to find another solution. But this one is most elegant, and not because of the money or the pre-orders (though both of these are quite nice). It’s because we know we have so much support behind us.

Now let’s see if we can hit 210%!

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