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Purveyors of The Mustard

James and Zach started SoNo Trading Company in November of 2009.

The idea came one afternoon when these two – good friends since taking a photography class together at a local community college – went for a hike through the mustard covered hills of San Diego County. At one point during the hike, Zach wondered off into the brush in search of the ideal vantage point from which to capture a photograph of the surrounding coastal sage scrub covered mountainside. While meandering through the wilderness he tripped on a rock and fell, hitting his head on ground.

In his delirium, looking up at the sky with the yellow mustard flowers swirling about, an idea came to him. James approached and while he extended his hand to help Zach up, Zach said, “We must make The Mustard.” And henceforth they have mastered the art of mustard making using only the finest ingredients, developing unique, layered flavors of what is colloquially known as The King’s Condiment.